The City of Zion - History

As many of you know, the tiny city of Zion, IL was the birthplace to much of our family history. Through research and the help of many letters and pictures of others, we have a brief history of Zion available to us here. There are several letters written, along with old pictures gathered from years past. Please take the time to check out the neat story of this once Biblically based city.

The City of Zion - Color Postcards

This is an early look at Zion in the early 1930's. This is a 16 Postcard slideshow along with a description of Zion History that was included with these unique postcards. Click Here.
For the history behind the post cards Click Here.

The City of Zion - Black & White Photos

These are a series of black and white photos taken many years ago. Each picture has a brief description and also the ability to expand to a large printable picture using Adobe Acrobat. You must have the Adobe reader on your computer to view the larger pictures. If you do not have Adobe (most newer computers do) you can install for free by clicking here:
Click here for the pictures

Letters Written By William Schwager

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